Client services

If you are looking for resources and referral information, require advocacy, 1-1 support or to expand your networks, contact the client service coordinator for details. The client service coordinator can also talk to you about our Zajac Ranch program, online support programs and Purple Day activities. Contact the office for further details.

Information, Advocacy and Support

If you need information, get in touch. Our Client Services Coordinator will be happy to talk to you. After learning what your needs are, we can provide you with print material, epilepsy counselling, workplace and school advocacy, or referral to an appropriate community agency. You can learn about income supports, employment programs, school supports and how to access them. You can receive our Epilepsy Resource Binder that is full of useful information. In addition, we have numerous other helpful booklets for you. Epilepsy counselling is available by phone, in person and online.

Support Groups

There are currently no support groups, but we arrange support meetings from time to time if enough interest is expressed within a specific geographic area. Call us for current information: 604-853-7399.

Purple Day

Purple Day occurs annually on March 26 and is a day of epilepsy awareness and empowerment. It is a home-grown campaign which began with a young girl in Nova Scotia. Today, it has gtown into a movement across the country and the world. We coordinate Purple Day activities in the province of British Columbia. This includes providing advertising, materials, and support to individuals who are hosting Purple Day activities in their communities. Purple Day is a fantastic way to reach out and create awareness about epilepsy in your town. Each year awareness throughout BC grows. We have celebrated Purple Day with everything from a bake sale to a Juno award-winning star performance. Let us help you with your activity.

Purple Day Website

Summer Camp

Each summer we have the privilege of sending children to camp. To this end, we have partnered with Zajac Ranch for Children. Zajac Ranch is an inclusive camp in the mountains behind Mission, BC for children with medical needs. Going to summer camp is an opportunity of a life time. Now parents can feel comfortable knowing that staff at Zajac Ranch are able to support their child’s needs. If you have a child who is living with epilepsy and you would like them to be part of this fantastic summer experience, call our client service coordinator for details on how we can support your child.

Zajac Ranch Website

Our number is 604-853-7399 or 1-888-9-SEIZUR


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