The ability to work adds meaning to life and raises the spirit. However, getting and keeping a job can be one of the biggest challenges faced by people with epilepsy. They must often deal with misinformed beliefs and attitudes on the part of employers and co-workers. They may face outright discrimination. Many who do have jobs are not making full use of their skills and qualifications.

Many people with epilepsy can work successfully. Given the opportunity, they can use their skills and education to the fullest. If accommodations need to be made, they are often simple and not costly. To help you, we have included useful links below. We encourage you to start your research here. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff who can provide support and information. In addition, we provide free first aid and awareness workshops for employers and co-workers.

Employment and Epilepsy Resources

Employment Information – Canadian Epilepsy Alliance

Epilepsy in the Workplace – Epilepsy Association of Calgary

BC Human Rights Tribunal

Epilepsy and the Law – Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson’s Centre

Work BC Website

Epilepsy at Work – Epilepsy Toronto

Diversity at Work – Human Rights Council

Accommodation Suggestions – Job Accommodation Network

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