How Parents can assist. Parent walking her daughters to school

The more that parents, school administrators and resource personnel work together in open communication and co-operation, the more successful the child’s education will be. Parents can help by doing several things:

  • Providing the student with learning experiences in everyday life, that will reinforce the learning taking place at school.
  • Communicating with the child about his school program and social activities.
  • Providing consistent expectations for the student between home and school settings.
  • Communicating regularly with teachers, particularly if there is a concern about the child’s progress.
  • Participating in the parent volunteer program at the school.
  • Keeping an accurate record of seizures at home.
  • Supporting the child’s social development by encouraging interaction with schoolmates, structuring activities that encourage friendship, and by discussing potential friendships with the teacher.
  • Seeking the child’s co-operation in making the IEP work.
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