keeping records

The importance of proper record keeping cannot be overestimated. You are an important member of your  health-care team. Keeping accurate, consistent records provides your health care provider with critical information needed for deciding upon effective treatment. Detailed descriptions of what happened before, during and after seizures will help your doctor assess the types of seizures you are experiencing and help in determining the best course of action.

We have an easy-to-use journal at the office that lets you track important information about your seizures. You can record seizure descriptions, seizure frequency, time and date the seizure occurred, triggers, medications and side effects you may have. Contact us and we will mail one to you.

For those who prefer to journal online or on your phone, there are online tools to help you track your seizures. We have included a couple of links on this page. You can also visit your phone’s app stores to browse through many available smartphone applications.

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