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In this section, we provide a number of useful resources to help you learn about epilepsy.

People with epilepsy who are better informed about the management and treatment of their condition, view themselves as being more in control and subsequently have better psychological profiles than those who are less informed.

Resulting from the time when we did not know much about epilepsy, people tend to carry several misconceptions and stigmas that affect how they view epilepsy and those who live with this condition. Currently research is ongoing about seizures, drugs to control them and their relationship with attention, activity level and behaviour. Doctors, parents, teachers, learning assistants, psychologists and others dealing with epilepsy, may not always have access to current information. Since epilepsy affects each individual in a unique way, obtaining information about your specific situation is crucial. Understanding epilepsy and how it is affecting you can demystify any beliefs you might have about your or your child’s condition and help in the coping process.

Excerpt from: The Psychosocial Impact of Epilepsy on Young People and Their Families, by Gurmeet Singh, Ph. D, R. Psych.

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