Keep track of your medicaiton

Having a record of the medication you take helps you and your family. It is a document that gives clear instructions on the correct medication and dosage that you take. A record can help you take your medication as prescribed by your doctor. It also helps you when other health professionals ask what you are taking and how much. A medication record is a living document that you update each time there is a change in the type of medication, the dose and/or how often a it is to be taken.

Your pharmacist can provide you with a print-out of the medications you are taking. Write them down in the space provided in your seizure journal (available at our office). Or you can use any of the many apps available for your smart phone. If you use a journal, which is highly recommended, make note of any changes to your medications as well as any times that you missed a dose. In your journal or phone app, note any issues that you may have with regard to the medications such as bothersome side effects. You can then discuss this with your doctor at your next visit.

Having a medication record can be helpful when travelling or talking to a new doctor. In the event of an emergency, a friend or family member may need to communicate with health professionals for you. If they know where to find your medication record, they can convey the information for you.

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