a school-based team

Most schools in B.C. have a structure in place for the purpose of solving problems and finding solutions related to the special needs of students. If your child needs assistance beyond that which the classroom teacher can provide, a referral will probably be made to the school-based team. The school-based team usually includes the following people: A school administrator, the classroom teacher, a learning assistance or resource teacher, other specialists (such as a counselor), district resource staff, representatives from community services or other ministries) and other individuals who have experience with the student. Parents are included in this consultation and planning process.

You may want to ask the following questions:

  • Who are the members of the school-based team?
  • What are the roles of the team members?
  • Who is coordinating my child’s program?
  • When and how often will we meet?
  • What is my role at the team meeting?
  • How will I be notified of planning meetings?

In many schools, a group of people is appointed by the school-based team to plan the IEP for an individual student. In some schools, the school-based team itself carries out this function. The team members will vary depending upon the needs of the student. A person (often the classroom teacher) may be appointed as the case manager, to co-ordinate planning and monitor the student’s progress.

The school-based team is usually responsible for:

  • Planning and coordinating services in the school for students with special needs
  • Providing opportunities for consultation on possible classroom strategies
  • Supporting teachers in providing appropriate support for students
  • Providing access to additional school, district, community or regional services
  • Assisting with problem solving, referral and liaison with other agencies
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