Talking with a teacher

Ideally, you and the school will work together in creating an educational program to meet your child’s needs. Do not be afraid to approach the school right from the start. It helps to establish a collaborative relationship with your child’s educators. Parents, the school and most importantly your child, will benefit from a good working relationship. Often when issues arise at the classroom or school, they are a result of poor communication. It makes sense to address issues immediately before they escalate into problems. Try to solve issues at the school level first.

If you have concerns, but are uncertain about how to direct them, your first meeting should be with the teacher.
Bring notes you have made about schoolwork, significant events, even hunches about your child’s education program to refer to at the meeting.

Explain to the teacher what you hope to get out of the meeting. Ask yourself these questions:

Do I need to be heard and have my view recognized and validated?

What action do I want the school to take?

Do I want more information about my child’s program or progress?

Keep an open mind about the reasons for the actions and responses of others involved with the child at school.

At the parent-teacher meeting, listen carefully and take notes.

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