Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization aimed at raising awareness and providing services for those affected by epilepsy.


We are proud to host a number of events to raise awareness about epilepsy, including a Golf Tournament, Annual Gala, Purple Day, and more.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing support, information, and education for families and individuals who live with epilepsy, their support staff, educational personnel, friends, co-workers, health care providers and anyone else affected by epilepsy.

Our Goals

To educate children and adults who witness a seizure not to be afraid and to provide them with the essential information and first aid skills that will furnish them with the self-confidence to correctly manage a seizure.

To minimize the social stigma for children and individuals who live with epilepsy.

Ensure there is access to support, education materials and programs that will enhance self-care and quality of life for those who live with epilepsy.

To establish and deliver education programs that will maintain a flow of information to the public, government and community agencies, school and medical professionals surrounding epilepsy. These programs will also identify access to support for those affected by epilepsy.


Learn what epilepsy or a seizure disorder is, its effect on people, and how it is treated.


Ask questions, chat with staff and others living with epilepsy.


Fundraising events and ongoing community involvement

  • Support 50%
  • Funding This Year 20%

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We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia

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