safety caution tape

If you or your child have been diagnosed with epilepsy, you may be thinking about the environment you live, work and play in and how to make it a little bit safer. While you cannot predict and plan for every possible situation there are steps you can take to help prevent an avoidable accident.

Let the people around you know correct first aid for seizures. This includes your friends, family members, teachers and co-workers. We deliver seizure management workshops, and have various brochures outlining seizure first aid. Contact us.

Make small and specific changes to your environment and routine to reduce injuries from falling, burning, scalding and drowning. See our Safety and Epilepsy link below for specific ideas for home and leisure activities.

Continue playing sports and participating in activities that promote fitness and stress reduction. You just may need to make a few changes to reduce the risk of injury. This can include wearing appropriate safety gear, staying cool, remaining hydrated, and taking breaks. If in the water, inform the lifeguard and swim with a buddy who at all times can assist you should you have a seizure in the water. There are few activities that are not advised. However, if your seizures are not yet under control, activities such as sky diving, scuba diving and rock climbing would be considered too dangerous at this time.

Do not drive a car unless you are not having seizures and you have been told by your doctor that you can.
*Always consult with your doctor if you have any concerns regarding activities you are involved in. They will be able to advise on precautions that should be followed.

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